Other ways to give

Your gifts enable us to minister to the city, by caring, developing and supporting people. As a community, Oxford Community Church is supported by the generous giving of its members. If you would like to help with that, you can give in a number of different ways.

Give now

Please visit this page: http://oxford.occ.org.uk/give

Give regularly

Regular donors usually give monthly to our bank "Oxford Community Church", account 70679976, sort code 20-97-48. 

Give on Sundays

We make time on Sundays to receive an offering as part of our worship. Please use an offering envelope to ensure that we can claim GiftAid, as well as assisting in income forecasting. You can also give by:

  • Cash - cash giving currently paused due to Covid-19
  • Cheques are also still accepted, and should be made payable to "Oxford Community Church"
  • *Secure online donation through ChurchSuite

*Please be aware that if you give by these means, the service providers take a small percentage as processing fees.

Give by GiftAid

We are a UK registered charity, so however you give, by using GiftAid we can reclaim any UK income tax you have paid. This adds 25% to the value of your gifts, and can be claimed retrospectively against your previous years’ giving. Please check the GiftAid option in the online ChurchSuite donation form, or ask at the welcome desk for a GiftAid declaration form, or use the offering envelopes available on Sunday mornings.