Vision and values

What is important to us as we seek to follow Jesus together?

Boundless Renewal

We are committed to boundless renewal - that is, personal renewal that leads to renewal in the world around us.

God has a wonderful plan to fill the whole earth with the knowledge of His glory, as people delight in his love and reign.

Working through community groups and projects across the city and beyond, we seek to connect with, serve and foster renewal in communities of every ethnicity and socio-economic group.

Steve Jones (Senior Pastor) introduced boundless renewal in December 2022 and April 2023. Look out for further blogs here.

Future Focus

Seeking that broader vision, we are focused on 4 key current goals to help us focus our prayer, resources and efforts:

  • Goal 1 — developing a School of the Spirit, growing in confidence in the Holy Spirit’s work (blogs, page)
  • Goal 2 — building effective mission, helping people connect into life with Jesus in community groups and church (blogs, page)
  • Goal 3 — all God’s people equipped to fulfil their calling, wherever they find themselves in God's world (blogs, page)
  • Goal 4 — 'a sound in the city', supporting those leading in society, and developing confident public service (blogs, 'Serving our City' menu above, talks, talk)

Core values

Underpinning our Future Focus are our long-standing core values and key habits. Core values are our DNA, permeating all that we do as individuals and as a church.

  • The Bible: We are an evangelical community, placing the scriptures as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice (blogs, talks)
  • The Holy Spirit: We eagerly desiring all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as essential in our life, worship and mission ► See Goal 1 above (blogs)
  • Discipleship: We follow Jesus, allowing him to change us, as we cooperate through mentoring, communities and training ► See Goal 3 above (blogs, page)
  • Worship: We are determined to love and honour the Lord, when we gather as church and in our whole lives (blogs, talks)
  • Prayer: We humbly depend upon God in prayer, knowing that he loves it when we abide in him (blogs, talks
  • Community: We love and care for one another as an extended family, especially as we meet in communities across the city (blog, talk)
  • Mission: Demonstrating Jesus' love for people who don't yet know him, through words, works and wonders ► See Goals 2 and 4 above (blogs, talks)

Key practices 

Closely linked to our values, key practices in the life of OCC include:

  • Sunday gatherings: We are committed to joining together regularly as vital to the health of our church (blogs, talks)
  • Believer's baptism in water: A key milestone of personal faith for Christians (page)
  • The nations: Concerned for the world and the global church, we pray, form partnerships, and befriend people from other cultures in our city (blogs, page)
  • The next generation: investing in children, youth and students (blogs, page, page)
  • Pursuing godly sexuality: our deep desire for intimacy is both God-given and a source of powerful temptations, so we seek God’s help to do relationships well, according to his teaching (talk, talk, link)
  • Generosity: Stewarding generously and ethically money and other resources, as individuals and as a church (blogs, talks)
  • Leadership: Our current leaders, including elders, Focus teams and church staff are listed here.   

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