Vision and Values

What priorities, passions and values do we have in OCC?

Our vision is summed up as growing communities that bring heaven on earth! We plant and grow groups of OCC people across the city and beyond, connecting with and serving communities of every ethnicity and socio-economic group. We dream of a community reaching every community! A community within reach of every bus route! Communities where people encounter God!

We also have six core values that are like DNA, shaping everything we do, and six key practices that help us live out those values:

Six core values

  1. The Bible: we are an evangelical church, placing the scriptures as our final authority in all matters of faith and practice.
  2. The Holy Spirit: we are a charismatic church, eagerly desiring all the gifts of the Holy Spirit as essential in our life and our mission.
  3. Discipleship: we understand the call to lives as imitators of Jesus, allowing him to challenge and change us.
  4. Worship: we are determined to love and honour the Lord, when we gather as church and in our whole lives.
  5. Community: we love and care for one another as an extended family, especially as we meet in communities across the city.
  6. Mission: demonstrating Jesus' love for people who don't yet know him, through words, works and wonders.

Six key practices

  1. Regular Sunday gatherings, as vital to the health of our church.
  2. Believer's water baptism, as a key marker for new Christians.
  3. An interest in the world and global church, as we partner with people, churches and agencies.
  4. Investing in the next generation, through prioritising children, youth and students.
  5. Whole life discipleship available for every church member, nurturing relationships, work and ethics.
  6. Generosity in handling money, as families and as a whole church.


These core values and practices should be read alongside the page on our Future Focus.