Expectancy (part 1)!

By Andy O'Connell

One of a series of blogs from team visits to Bethel Church (Redding, California), a large and well-known church that God is using to serve the body of Christ more widely. See my previous blog here.

In previous blogs I noted some of the really straightforward learnings from my recent trip to Bethel, as well as the first two challenges (risk-taking, and fivefold leadership) that I've had to process more.

10 dynamics of our church finances

By Andy O'Connell

At the church news and prayer evening this week, one of the things Steve Jones explained was some of the dynamics affecting our church finances. Below, and to respond to your questions, Andy unpacks that a little more, so if you have any more questions please ask him!

Andy O'Connell

Give us (all of us) today our daily bread!

By Steve Jones

In our regular habit of taking a financial offering when we meet as church, whoever is at the front prays for the financial well-being of all of us and the city. We say thank you for the offering and then pray for everything else – other than the church. Let’s also be praying for the church’s financial situation – that matters just as much!

Steve Jones