OCC and further easing of lockdown

By Steve Jones

As we all know, there are going to be further easing of lockdown on Monday 19th July and even though we know some of what will be said, we don't know the full extent of what changes there will be for churches. So, before we can respond fully, we are waiting for the government to publish advice and legislation next week.

In the meantime, Steve shares some news and thoughts about refreshments, restrictions and the word of the Lord in this next season!

Church: a place to belong, not (just) attend

By Andy O'Connell and Elizabeth Clayton

The idea of belonging to a church - or any other organisation for that matter - is increasingly alien in the world today. Tim Keller tweets: "Everyone says they want community and friendship. But mention accountability or commitment to people, and they run the other way." Krish Kandiah discerns a movement "towards a more eclectic individualistic spirituality.”

Why then does OCC hold to a habit of 'formal church membership'?

Church: a family, not (just) an event

By Andy O'Connell

Recently I came across this tweet, which could sum up pretty much all that needs saying on this topic: "Church is a Spirit-filled family, not a weekly experience."

Assistant Pastor Sanjay Mahtani often puts it this way: "OCC: Community is our middle name!" And I can sometimes be heard to complain, "We don't go to church, we are the church!"

Fighting for family

By Andy O'Connell

Yesterday I, with 500 other people from many nations, took part in a service of thanksgiving for the life of the late Eileen Elmitt, one of the founding leaders of Oxford Community Church. What was it about her that caused such a huge crowd to go to great lengths to attend this moving service of reflection and thanksgiving to honour Eileen's life? 

For me, three phrases express my thoughts this morning as I reflect on this question.

A small act of kindness makes all the difference

By Andy O'Connell

They're coming! It's September and Oxford is about to morph back into a studenty city, having had a summer of being a touristy city! Both 'invasions' can seem slightly overwhelming to those of us who are residents here. 

Andy O'Connell

Four ways students can connect with the wider Church at OCC

By Al McNicoll

One of the things that students most frequently appreciate about OCC is that they feel connected with the wider Church, not just the other students.

As most Oxford Uni students are out of Oxford for about half the year (!) I wanted to flag up a few ways that you can meaningfully stay in touch with your family here.

Al McNicoll

God's Invitation: Come up Higher!

By Andy O'Connell

This is the third blog in a short series exploring what the elders believe God is saying to the church at the moment. A few days ago Steve wrote about faith for growth. Al then highlighted the opportunities to grow in faith as we engage with the Summer of Mission 2018. In this blog I want to highlight what we believe God is saying about prayer and how he is inviting us to respond!

Andy O'Connell

We're on a mission. From God.

By Al McNicoll

This is the second blog in a short series exploring what the elders believe God is saying to the church at the moment. A few days ago Steve wrote about faith for growth. Having had the privilege of sitting with the elders recently, I'm looking at how we can engage with the Summer of Mission 2018 because (unlike the Blues Brothers) we really are on a mission from God!

What comes to mind when you think about mission? Moving overseas? Crowds listening to a speaker in a stadium? Or your neighbour who you talk to about Jesus from time to time?

Al McNicoll