Church: a Spirit-filled community, not (just) organised

By Andy O'Connell

When I started full-time employment in Oxfordshire Community Churches in 1995, I was taken on as effectively an Operations Director (although we didn't use that term then). We talked instead about the gift of 'steersman' or 'pilot' - a word with nautical roots that appears in 1 Co 12.28 and is variously translated leadership, administration, guidance and governing.

Praying in tongues - an essential part of life

By Graham and Helen Hipwell

In the spring of 1980, a few weeks after becoming a Christian, I was sitting in someone’s lounge, together with a group of teenagers like me. We all wanted to speak in tongues, but none of us had, even though a month earlier we had all had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. As someone was praying for us, I looked up and saw the ceiling turning fluid and something coming down onto us. The whole room was then filled with the presence of God. We all started laughing with joy and this amazing gift started to flow out of our mouths.

Graham and Helen Hipwell

I feel closer to God than ever before

By Eleanor Mould (student)

I was blessed enough to be raised in a loving Christian family, and so I have thought of myself as a Christian for as long as I can remember. However, until more recently, the Holy Spirit had been an enigma to me. He was mentioned in sermons growing up in my church back home, and occasionally people would have a ‘word’ for the church, or very rarely someone would pray out in tongues.

Eleanor Mould (student)

A New Day - The Turning

By Steve Jones

Something new is happening in Oxford this spring, as Oxford Community Church embarks on an exciting new adventure – and you can join in! Many people will be taking annual leave in the week Sunday 30th April to Saturday 6th May 2017, and I encourage you to consider doing the same, so that you don’t miss out on anything in this transformative week.

Steve Jones