Leadership changes and new elders

By Steve Jones

This video is a presentation given by Senior Pastor Steve Jones to the OCC church family meeting on Thursday 27 January 2022. Steve explains what has been changing in patterns of leadership in the last 3 years, the introduction of Focus Teams, and proposes the appointment of 3 new elders.

This is the first of a pair of church family meetings in spring 2022. The next is on Sunday 6 March.

Investing in our Future - Gift Days 2021

By Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Elders)

In 21-22 we want to invest in development / growth / breakthrough, especially in our four Future Focus goals. 

To do this we want to invest in releasing more time from some members of staff and leadership, in order that they can increase their focus. Ideally, we want to increase capacity (time) for these people. If you're not sure who's who, look here

Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Elders)

Church: a Spirit-filled community, not (just) organised

By Andy O'Connell

When I started full-time employment in Oxfordshire Community Churches in 1995, I was taken on as effectively an Operations Director (although we didn't use that term then). We talked instead about the gift of 'steersman' or 'pilot' - a word with nautical roots that appears in 1 Co 12.28 and is variously translated leadership, administration, guidance and governing.

Students growing in leadership

By Andy O'Connell

As OCC, we're wanting to see everyone flourish, and be who they're called to be as part of God's purposes! In other words, we're really committed to making disciples (person mentoring), every member ministry (everyone gets to play a part), and everyone having a specific calling to make a difference in God's world (everyone has a call to serve God).

Leadership teams get more focused

By Steve Jones

In the last year, our church leadership team has begun working as a series of new, smaller teams, each with a more specific focus. There are now four such teams, which are responsible for: