MoT your Bible-reading and prayer habits

By Andy O'Connell

As part of the OCC Streamed Sunday on 5 April 2020, we're encouraging all of us to 'MoT' our devotional habits, those habits - of prayer, Bible reading, and much more - that facilitate our relationship with God. 

We're recommending two great resources, and for those of you that have not yet manged to get hold of them, below are some of the main headings from each of those books, along with other links.

Loving God's Word

By Jonny Walker (student)

My time at OCC has been invaluable to my walk of faith over the first two years of university. On top of being part of such a tight-knit community, so passionate about following Jesus, I have really valued the church’s focus on Bible teaching...

Jonny Walker (student)

Discovering the Bible - together!

By Andy O'Connell

I'm currently using Nicky Gumbel's excellent (and free!) Bible In One Year to help me keep going with my personal daily bible reading. This morning Nicky commented: 'It is an amazing blessing to be able to wake up each morning and know that God is with you and that he wants to speak to you. This is why I love to read the Bible first thing in the morning. I am desperate to know God’s thoughts.' My response was 'Yes!' and his comment has reinspired me in my Bible-reading efforts!

Get rid of the scum

By Steve Jones

Bev and I have still not been overtaken by the arrival of baby Jones no.3, so last night's evening on gender roles went ahead as planned. About 25 people from across the church gathered in Osney. We looked at the range of views that exist and at some of the relevant passages of Scripture, and there was lots of discussion!