Sunday FAQs

Oxford Community Church (OCC) has restarted weekly Sunday services at The King's Centre (TKC). Alongside our Communities, Sunday meetings are a vital part of the life of OCC. They provide a weekly opportunity for worship and preaching that fuels our daily lives in our homes, neighbourhoods and workplaces, and are a great opportunity for guests to find out more about the church.

What about children and youth on Sundays?

Current arrangements are slightly different than usual, due to Covid:

  • 0-5s: We will reopen our Sunday creche very soon.
  • YR-Y6: We ask that children have spent at least 1 term in school, as they are more able to comply distancing requirements. Face coverings are not required for under-11s.
  • Y7-Y13: (Sundays and Fridays) Face coverings are required at all times. 

What about streaming?

For those unable to attend services at TKC, we will continue to stream via our website and Facebook Live. Each week we will publish the details for the stream on our website. If you can't join in real time, or have technical problems, then after the stream ends you will be able to watch again.

GDPR privacy rules require us to inform you that, as we will be streaming, there will be video cameras recording at TKC. If you prefer not to be on camera, please ask a steward, and they will help you find a seat out of the view of the cameras. 

How are we going to meet Covid-securely?

In order to meet safely at The King's Centre, we have worked hard to comply with all current government guidelines for the re-opening of places of worship, and undertaken a risk assessment (as required by law) of all church activities.

Of course, for now our services will be slightly different! But are are able to gather, enjoy fellowship, worship, teaching and communion! As we comply with guidelines and considering our risk assessment, there are also some constraints on what we will be able to do:

  1. Anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19 (new continuous cough, high temperature or loss/change in normal sense of taste or smell) or who has been asked to self-isolate should not attend.
  2. No congregational singing is allowed. We will be working out how to worship God together without singing!
  3. No food and drink. For now, we are not permitted to serve refreshments or arrange lunches together at TKC. 
  4. Children and youth. There will be changes to what activities we can offer, and how we organise them. Key points are here
  5. Social distancing: The law requires people not to mingle. We have a one-way system and socially distanced household seating, and are required to ask you leave the building and grounds promptly after the service.
  6. Face coverings must be worn in public indoor settings including places of worship (exemptions include health reasons, and those leading the service).
  7. The building is Covid-secure: The building and toilets will have been cleaned before we arrive. We have a good ventilation system in the Thames Hall which changes the room air regularly, and in other rooms windows will be opened.
  8. Records: We are required to store visitor records to assist with any track-and-trace. We are checking people into events via ChurchSuite. Pre-booking is not required.

See also our Coronavirus webpage.

Designated toilets

We designate some toilets for children-only use only during church services. This is Safeguarding best practice, where possible, and as we have lots of toilets at TKC, it is easy for us to do that. 

The Atrium toilets are now only for adults. No under-18s should use these toilets without an accompanying parent/guardian.

Other toilets in the building are designated for under-18s only, and group leaders.

Please help to get this working by not allowing your children to use the Atrium toilets unaccompanied, so that we can continue to ensure the safeguarding of your children and youth.

Can I help?

We always need more volunteers to make things work properly: More stewards (practical setup), ushers (a new role managing entrance and helping people to seats) and AV technicians. To find out more please visit our Serving page.

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