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What is STEP?

A rhythm of discipleship groups and training sessions to help you step into the call of God to lead as a Christian at work, in the community, at college, or in the church.

What does STEP cover?

Topics include biblical and practical teaching on:

  1. Leaders lead! - learning to lead ourselves and others well, wherever God calls us
  2. Leaders love God! - getting passionate about Jesus
  3. Leaders know the Bible! - tools on how to study the Bible for all its worth
  4. Leaders share life! - steps into missional living 
  5. Leaders live in the Spirit! - the gifts God’s given us and how to use them for His glory
  6. Leaders love people! - what is pastoral care and how to ensure people are cared and grow as disciples?
  7. Leaders work together! - learning our own strengths and weaknesses, growing together 
  8. Leaders are going somewhere! - the importance of developing vision for ourselves and catching the vision that God has given us for the things He’s given us a passion for.
  9. Leaders lead today! - beginning a commitment to life-long learning

How does mentoring work?

Taught modules are followed by a small discipleship group called a Huddle, where we ask “what is God saying to you about your character and/or skills, and what are you going to do about it?” There’s an important element of accountability in this group too, as we’ll ask you the next time we meet if you did what you’d say you’d do! This is where we can tailor the course to individual learning and development, so that no matter what stage you’re at, there’s an invitation to take key steps towards God’s plan for your growth in maturity, knowledge, skills and character.

A key part of the course is the personal pastor relationship - someone who like a personal trainer, runs alongside you through whatever life throws your way, prays for you, encourages and challenges you to push deeper into God. They will help you unpack things that we might begin to tackle on the course, and can help you progress your goals and plans between modules and huddles to get the most out of the course. If you’ve already got someone who plays this role in your life, we’ll continue to develop that relationship through the course; if you don’t think you have someone yet, we’ll endeavour to get you started as soon as we can. 

What are the STEP dates for 2020-21?

  • Session 1: Sat 14 Nov 2020, 9.30-12.30
  • Session 2: Sun 6 Dec 2020, 7.30-9.30
  • Session 3: Sat 16 Jan 2021, 9.30-12.30
  • Session 4: Sun 7 Feb 2021, 7.30-9.30
  • Session 5: Sun 28 Feb 2021, 7.30-9.30
  • Session 6: Sat 20 Mar 2021, 9.30-12.30

Why do I need to be a member, in a Community and willing to be mentored?

STEP is a first step towards leadership development. We have seen that the leadership development really only happens with personal input (mentoring) as well as classroom sessions, and when we are in community, as God grows leadership as we interact with other people.

The church membership programme will help you understand the basic DNA/values of OCC, and we have found that STEP works much better if we can take these as we take as a starting point!