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School of the Spirit is a six-month course for followers of Jesus who want to go deeper in understanding and experience of the amazing gift we have in the Holy Spirit. This gift can feel very mysterious at times, or even too good to be true, and so we often don’t expect Him to be active in our daily lives. In reality, He is our constant companion, connecting us to the love and power of Jesus.

This school is all about recognising what we already have, and spending time really ‘getting to know’ the Spirit. We’ll learn to start taking risks as we begin to rely on Him. We’ll let go of striving and instead trust in His power. And we’ll have fun together on the journey!

School of the Spirit starts in November 2021, meeting every Tuesday evening at The King’s Centre, Oxford. Apply below, or for more information, please contact @email.


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Our History

In 2008, a leader from within the international Salt & Light family had a word for Oxford Community Church, in which he talked of a team of leaders teaching on the supernatural. It was 10 years later that the structure of the leadership at Oxford Community Church changed to several focus teams, one of which was dedicated to developing the prayer and supernatural life of the church, with the idea of a ‘school of the supernatural’ in mind. Over the next two years, this team met under the leadership of Lois Fulton, prayed, worshipped and sought God together. Some team members attended an existing school of supernatural ministry, conferences linked to the supernatural and connected with leaders of similar schools around the world. In 2020, we felt ready to launch our first pilot school! This was a small group of under 25 people, including the members of the Prayer & Supernatural focus team. We were thrilled to see God move in power and transform people’s lives and understanding over this first year.

Our model

We want everything we do to be bathed in prayer and worship and flow out from our relationship with Jesus, and so we give these things priority in our times together. We come together weekly for a time of worship and teaching, and we will then usually split into small, same-gender groups for discussion and prayer. These groups are set at the start of the year and remain the same throughout, in order to develop relationship and a feeling of safety to help us be honest and vulnerable. We use these times together to help us process the teaching we have received, what we feel God is saying, support each other through the hard times and celebrate each other’s victories together. We will also sometimes do ‘activations’, which are activities to help us hear God and act accordingly. These usually happen in small groups, but it varies according to the nature of the activation.

Whilst we aim to provide most of the input ourselves, we are also privileged to receive speakers and prophetic gifts from outside our church, our sphere and even outside Salt & Light. We have found it very enriching to hear and see how other schools and movements live out a supernatural lifestyle and we look forward to welcoming external speakers again this year.

We don’t give ‘homework’ in a traditional sense, but there will often be an action for you to take in obedience to what you have heard God say to you.


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Our themes

Whilst we cover many different topics over the year, such as healing, outreach and prophecy, there are three overarching themes that provide a framework: the Father and identity, Jesus and intimacy, the Holy Spirit and power. We believe that living out the fulness of life that God has for us requires us to know who we are in Him, to have a close relationship with Him and to realise the authority He has given us.

Pastoral care and discipleship

We trust that God will be moving over the course of the year and that He will be bringing freedom, empowerment and transformation. The small groups are a great place to start processing this, and the support and challenge these provide are an integral part of SotS, and, as such, are definitely a place of discipleship. However, we also acknowledge that we cannot provide individual pastoral support for every student! So, whilst we will do all we can to pray with you and listen to God with you, we strongly recommend ensuring that you are in regular contact with your own personal pastor. We will try to keep them updated on what we are looking at, but it is your responsibility to ensure that you are communicating with them about what God is doing in you, the blessings and the challenges you are facing.

The 2021-22 pilot

After a great initial, small pilot, we are looking forward to welcoming a larger group of students from Oxfordshire Community Churches! This year, we will be meeting weekly on a Tuesday evening (except in school holidays), with four weekend or day events throughout the year. We hope, Covid rules permitting, to meet in person for most of these times, but we will also make use of Zoom when appropriate, such as when receiving a speaker from overseas. We do ask that all SotS students make every effort to come to all the sessions, although we recognise that sometimes other events do take precedence.

The 2021-22 pilot will run each week for 6 months from late October/early November 2021, with exact dates of each session to be announced soon.