Other resources for Communities

In addition to our own resources, the list below includes great discipleship resources curated from other churches and organisations to which we think will be great resources for Community (i.e. our midweek groups) discussions. Enjoy!

Where purchases are required, they may already be available in the church library or OCC can buy them - contact the church office for help accessing those.

What is a 'Community' in OCC?

6 very short videos looking at why we do Community as we do; how they work; up (God); in (each other); out (the world); and discipleship (how we grow).


Doing a 'Discovery Bible Study'


The Prayer Course (24-7 Prayer)


The Bible Course (Bible Society)


The Everything Course (David and Phillipa Stroud)

This course explores how we play our part in the renewal of culture: "As followers of Jesus, we are called to seek the renewal of our world. Whether that’s in our families, communities, work or places of study, we believe it’s part of our call to both pray for our world, and to shape our culture for the common good."


God in the workplace

Transforming Work (LICC): Encourage each other to live out your faith in the workplace with this powerful group series, including discussion videos, a participant app, and a leader’s guide.


God at Work (Ken Costa, HTB): Our passion is to encourage you to integrate your faith and work and to propel you to be an agent of the kingdom of God in your workplace.


Sharing our faith

4 short videos from Rich Colbrook helping us understand how people come to faith today.