Preachers training

This page has been mostly superseded by the new (2021) resources at

Here, we've gathered some resources to support mentoring and training for those growing in preaching. 

To make best use of these resources we recommend that

  1. Discuss (with one the elders) who is best to mentor you.
  2. You meet with your preaching mentor and agree which sessions you need to engage with, and how often you will meet
  3. Engage with the relevant sessions (watch, take notes, do any exercises)
  4. Meet again with your mentor
  5. Agree a date to preach, and ensure that someone can give you feedback (two alternative feedback sheets are available in the Google Drive folder)
  6. Repeat 4 and 5 as you see fit!

Mike Beaumont's course, 2015

This course, run for Oxfordshire Community Churches, comprises seven sessions, varying from 1 hour 20 mins to 2 hours (total 11 hours):

  1. Introduction, and exegesis and hermeneutics
  2. Preparing and presenting a sermon
  3. Group workshop - no video
  4. Preaching pastorally
  5. Bible translations
  6. Aids for studying the Bible
  7. Visualcy - are words enough?
  8. Preaching with faith, plus Q&A (video only, not notes)

Video playlist (Youtube)

Notes are attached at the bottom of this page.

Soul Survivor, Loud and Clear

This shorter course comprises four 25-minute sessions (total 2 hours):

  • Where do you begin?
  • Illustrations, application and structure
  • Body language and delivery
  • Growing through feedback

Loud and Clear website - videos and session note downloads


For those who live or work near Oxford, you are welcome to make use of the Oxford Community Church library. Details and catalogue here