Choose life with Jesus

Sunday 10th May 2020, 10:30am

1. Intro from Anna

2. Puppets

3. Bible reading from Aidan

4. Devotion from Alison

5. Song 1

6. Song 2

7. Craft

This week there is no worksheet. Instead, we're inviting you to grab a piece of paper and draw around your foot. Choosing life with Jesus involves taking action! Which way are you going to step this week? What will you do? What questions do you have?

Write or draw some things you could do if you are choosing to follow Jesus. Write or think of a question that you have about following Jesus as well.  Decorate your footprint with anything you have handy - colours, paints, craft materials, foil, leaves from the garden. You could even do more than one!

8. Response, recap, and pray with Anna