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Psalm 139

1. Welcome

Good morning! We hope you are well. Today we are looking at Psalm 139 from the bible - see if you can find it now in your bible. The Psalms can be found in the middle of the bible.

Start today by filling in a "God made me special!" sheet (download below at the bottom or from here). What makes you special?

2. Bible bit

3. Craft

The craft this week is on this sheet here.

4. Song

5. Discussion and prayer

1. How do you feel when someone wants to get to know you?

2. How does David (who we think wrote the Psalm) feel about God knowing everything about him?

3. How does it make you feel when you think about God knowing everything about you, including all the things you have done and thought?

4. Why does it matter that God knows you inside and out?

5. What is your favourite part of this Psalm?


For prayer this week, start by reading some or all of the Psalm through again. Thank God for the truth in it in your own words. If there is anything you have done or thought recently that you know you need to say sorry to God (or anyone else) for, then do that too.

After that, think of someone that you'd like to pray this Psalm for and read some of it again, but put their name in where it says "me" or "I". It might be someone who needs to hear that they are known and loved at the moment, or someone you are finding it difficult to pray for.

Finally, there is a bonus colouring sheet this week!

fearfully and wonderfully colouring


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