Kids Sundays

Resources from our fab children's team to help your children engage with God week by week. For previous weeks' content look right at the bottom of this page.

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Be ready to respond with strength and courage

1 - Intro with Anna

2 - Bible verse from Emily & Sarah

3 - Puppets

4 - Storytime with Jenny

5 - Songs (3 in one!)

6 - The story of Esther fromĀ Dan

7 - Craft

Make a crown! Look at the templatesĀ at this link here and either print one out or draw your own.

Just like Queen Esther might have had a crown to show that she was part of the King's family, so too are we part of our King's family. Our King will always listen to us and he helps us to be strong and courageous.

Can you decorate your crown with different colours? You could write or draw things to help you remember that God is with you and that you are part of his family.

8 - Kate's testimony

9 - Outro and Prayer with Anna

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