Black History Month 2023

By Steve Jones

As part of OCC's service on Sunday 1 October 2023, Senior Pastor Steve Jones notes that Black History Month is a helpful annual reminder to learn more as a church, and comments on OCC becoming more intercultural, including relationships with other minority-led churches in Oxford.

Depravity and Talking Well

By Andy O'Connell

In recent years, I’ve found myself personally caught up in the conversation about race, ethnicity and justice. I’ve appreciated rich conversations with people of other heritages in OCC (including in the Ethne team, and its predecessor group - you know who you are - thank you!), external learning opportunities and, of course, reading books. I do love a good book, and I now have a shelf in my office devoted to books on intercultural church, biographies of British people of colour, and history books considering race and ethnicity. Call me a geek if you will, but it’s part of how I learn. 

Church Vision Evening (part 1)

By Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Elders)

Last night we had the first of 2 vision evenings. You can listen to the recording of the evening here.

Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Elders)

One new humanity in Christ Jesus

By Andy O'Connell

This blog seeks to window into how OCC is approaching questions of racism, racial justice, and ethnic diversity, at this point in time. I'm writing as one of the elders and Assistant Pastors, but also about my own story.

Full disclosure: I’m a white man of a certain age. I grew up in the UK in the late 20th century. This is a tricky subject to get right. It’s not my ‘lived experience’. It's a current, very live, and controversial topic. Writers, commentators and activists use a lot of terminology that you need get your head around.

Let's talk about race

By Sanjay Mahtani

“It is not enough to be non-racist, we must be antiracist.” – Angela Davis
“Racism isn’t getting worse; it’s getting filmed.” – Will Smith

George Floyd was a black man who was killed by a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, in Minneapolis on Monday 26 May, 2020. He pleaded for his life several times, saying “I can’t breathe”, and since his death, riots have ensued in Minneapolis and beyond - calling for justice and bringing race-based injustice to the fore.

6 things that help us nurture unity

By Andy O'Connell

As the city of Oxford changes to become more multi-cultural, God wants to change OCC to gloriously reflect that diversity - to be a united family demonstrating his gospel in a diverse city. He wants to change us as a church, and change the hearts of us as individuals. 

How does that work practically? 

Four numbers

By Andy O'Connell

As we think about our city and church, there are 4 numbers affecting the city of Oxford - that is, the people of Oxford! - and therefore Oxford Community Church. Let these stats inform your praying as we move into 2020!