Intercultural church

In recent years OCC has been actively encouraging the ethnic diversification of the church, as Oxford city is fast becoming more ethnically diverse. Currently the 5th most diverse city in the UK, around 1/3 were not born in the UK, or are not "of White British origin" (two different measures of ethnic diversity used by the City Council).

Anderson and Lydia Moyo have been supporting us, as external advisors. 

From 2018-2020 we gathered a working group of ethnic minority people in OCC, to look at how the church operates, and ask what could be changed to make belonging, discipleship and involvement in leadership work better for people from other cultures. 

We have visited other churches, engaged in discussions with minority ethnic churches in Oxford, and undertaken training. We have enjoyed shared worship with a black majority church in the city, and with recent arrivals from Hong Kong.

As OCC, our concern is first a matter of conviction. Deep in God’s heart, and at the core of his Son's reconciling mission is a passion for what the Bible calls “one new humanity in Christ Jesus” (Eph 2:15). And this is not a removal of cultural difference, or being ‘colourblind’, but an appreciation, celebration and encouragement of diversity. (We blogged about that here.)

As Anderson says to us, God is doing something in Oxford, and in OCC. Watch this space!

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