Future Focus

Since January 2018 we have been clarifying and simplifying the focus of the church. We call this 'Future Focus'.



For more, listen to the talk from 28th April 2019 (audio, video).

Our dream

Our vision is not just for the church, but for something much bigger, because God has a wonderful plan to fill the whole earth with the knowledge of His glory, with Christ-worshippers delighting in his love and reign.

We believe that God himself has a dream for the city of Oxford, and that within that, He has a vision for the future of Oxford Community Church.

Read more on our dream here.

Our approach

Our hoped-for future depends on us humbly waiting and resting upon God in prayer. We will work towards some great goals, but we gladly accept that God alone makes things grow.

We have noted 3 'strongholds' - wrong beliefs - that we need to fight together as a church: “Me first”: I can do it all by myself! “Us and Them”: Our way is best! “Anything goes”: People can do whatever they want! Steve Jones (Senior Pastor) preached about strongholds and unity on Sundays 26 July and 30 August 2020 - see below.

Our focus

Paul asked the Philippian church to be one in heart and mind and purpose (Phil 2:2). To provide us with a more definite common purpose we have been led to name four specific goals:

  • Goal 1 — a School of the SpiritWe will seek to become more fluent in prayer, until we discover more of the Holy Spirit’s work in and through us, and the church is known as a place of God's favour and power.
  • Goal 2 — building effective mission: We will develop new ways of making friends outside the church, and to help them connect naturally into church activities through Communities.
  • Goal 3 — all God’s people equipped: Our founding vision includes both a commitment to help Christians fulfil their calling and sending people to do good in other places. We are developing more diverse training opportunities.
  • Goal 4 — a Sound in the City: We have seen God help us establish The King’s Centre, Tyndale Community School and Edge Housing. We will promote ‘faith confidence’, support those called to speak into society, and develop more effective public service for the city.