• Bear, butterfly, diamond or seedling?

    By Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Covid Working Group)

    This week marks the beginning of Step 3 in the English roadmap out of lockdown. There are new freedoms and opportunities. As the elders were praying earlier in the week, we thought about some of the different ways that we will all be feeling and responding as we emerge into relative freedom. 

    Maybe you feel like a bear emerging from hibernation with a sore head! For you, the lockdown has left you disorientated, maybe slightly grumpy and uncertain about what the world is like now. You don't want to be awakened, and as you emerge you wonder whether anything has changed!

    Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Covid Working Group)
  • A new day, a new start, a new space

    By Mark Eley, leader of Lifehouse Community Church

    It was a big day in the life of Lifehouse Community Church in the afternoon of Sunday 25th April 2021. After not meeting in person for over a year during the pandemic we met together again for our first Sunday gathering. It felt a bit like going on holiday crossed with Christmas Day! For Katherine and I and our family there was a level of excitement and nervousness - constantly checking the clock to see if it was time to get in the car yet! There was a growing excitement and an expectation of what was to come.

    Mark Eley, leader of Lifehouse Community Church
  • New series: Awaken!

    By Andy O'Connell and Steve Jones

    Who loves the sound of the alarm clock waking you up in the morning! Are you leaper-out-of-bed, a snoozer, or a coffee-grabber?

    On Sundays at OCC, we're just starting a series exploring the message of Isaiah, one of the so-called 'major prophets' in the Old Testament (OT). Why are we looking at an obscure part of the Bible, when there is plenty of more straightforward teaching in the New Testament (NT)

  • Small town - growing town - Big God! 

    By Mark Eley, leader of Lifehouse Community Church

    Let me introduce Rich and Anna Houghton to you. We have known them for many years having been first connected in Kidlington. Anna works as a primary school teacher and Rich works as a project manager for a design agency. They have two children and are fun-loving people that love sharing life with others in Banbury.

    Mark Eley, leader of Lifehouse Community Church
  • Six guests and no theories!

    By Andy O'Connell

    The old quip goes: “Before I got married I had six theories about bringing up children. Now I have six children – and no theories.” The point being made is that every child is an individual. A good parent listens, and then considers the right response to that child and their questions. There is no one system or approach.

  • New life in the Garden Town

    By Andy O'Connell

    There's a church just north of Oxford that we're family with! Although its exciting, being actively part of a wider family of churches may be a new idea for some of you, so we want to tell the story of how we got there, and how relationships are sustained today.

    Chapter 1: Oxfordshire

    In the 1970s, UK churches were impacted by a new movement that came to be called both the ‘charismatic renewal’ and the ‘house church movement’. It placed emphasis on authentic community, participation in worship, spiritual gifts, and meaningful discipleship. 

  • God's Heart: Speaking confidently

    By Sanjay Mahtani

    Over the past few months, in response to prophetic words throughout 2020, we've been drawing near to God.

    We've done this through our series on Identity and by exploring God's Heart - his heart for people, justice, mercy, family, and for all of us to play our part.

  • Church: for the world, not (just) our parish

    By Andy O'Connell

    A quick read of the New Testament shows us a picture of a mobile and dynamic church. A church committed to each other, but also to making an impact in their towns and cities, and to the task of reaching the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.