• Praying in tongues - an essential part of life

    By Graham and Helen Hipwell

    In the spring of 1980, a few weeks after becoming a Christian, I was sitting in someone’s lounge, together with a group of teenagers like me. We all wanted to speak in tongues, but none of us had, even though a month earlier we had all had a powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit. As someone was praying for us, I looked up and saw the ceiling turning fluid and something coming down onto us. The whole room was then filled with the presence of God. We all started laughing with joy and this amazing gift started to flow out of our mouths.

    Graham and Helen Hipwell
  • Coronavirus update - 24 March

    By Steve Jones

    Steve Jones
  • A great team!

    By Andy O'Connell

    An update after the 'lockdown' announcement from the government last night (Mon 23 March)!

    Firstly, we're very grateful for the team we have in OCC - volunteers and staff - such that we've been able to respond to two massive changes of government policy over the last 8 days.

    Andy O'Connell
  • School at home!

    By Ruth O'Connell

    Many of the parents in OCC are having to adjust to a life as 'home-schoolers'. We asked Ruth, part of the OCC leadership team, and a long-term elective home educator, for some helpful advice!

    Ruth O'Connell
  • Coronavirus update - 17 March

    By Steve Jones

    Dear OCC family 

    Each of you will be aware of the rapidly changing situation relating to Coronavirus (Covid-19). We are following the updates and advice closely and are keen to respond fully to the challenge that we face as a nation. It’s clear that our community life will be severely affected by yesterday’s guidance to minimise social contact and avoid unnecessary social gatherings (link).

    Steve Jones
  • Streamed Sundays FAQs

    By Andy O'Connell

    How will it work?

    Our Streamed Sundays services will be 10.30-11.30am each Sunday. They will include led worship, prayers, a short talk and '3x3' – 3-minute videos to help us nurture our own relationship with Jesus.

    A link to participate in the video stream will be posted before we start - and you can watch again if you are unable to be with us live.

    We will work out a way for prophetic or other contributions to be brought to the church.

    What about children?

    We will also provide resources for children.

    Andy O'Connell
  • Coronavirus update - 12 March

    By Andy O'Connell

    Tuesday 17 March: We are examining the latest advice from the Government and Public Health England and will update this page as soon as possible.

    Along with other organisations, OCC staff have been keeping a close eye on the emerging international situation with coronavirus. We monitor advice provided by Public Health England (PHE), and church-specific advice published by the Church of England and by Evangelical Alliance. Apparently, one Church of England vicar is a former Deputy Chief Medical Officer, so her advice is both expert medical and pastoral!

    Andy O'Connell