• Changing our identity

    By Andy O'Connell

    So, we're 3 weeks into our 9 weeks Sunday series on IDENTITY! How's it going for you?

    The series comes in 3 parts, each of 3 weeks: 

    We've concluded 3 weeks looking at God the Father, and how we find our identity as His children, in relation to Him. He has adopted us and wants us to see ourselves as He sees us. 

    We're about to start 3 weeks looking at God the Son, and how His momentous death and resurrection was a pivot-point in world history, changing how we relate to God. We're going to see how to walk in forgiveness and the dignity of who we are in Christ.

    Andy O'Connell
  • New series - new season - new Sundays!

    By Andy O'Connell

    We're very excited about our new series - IDENTITY - starting this Sunday 4 October. This series was planned for the Summer 2020 term and then postponed due to COVID, so it's been in the pipeline for ages and we're delighted to finally get to it. IDENTITY will ask who God is, and how we get to be in relation to him! In other words, how our true identity as humans is found in relationship with our loving heavenly Father. 

    Andy O'Connell
  • Coronavirus update - 24 September

    By Andy O'Connell

    After this week's changes to COVID rules, we wanted to give you an update on how that affects OCC. The situation is evolving fairly regularly, and so you understandably may have struggled to keep up with how all the changes affect you in church stuff, as well as thinking about your home, work, social, and shopping life!

    The short version is that this week's changes make little difference to how we already operate as OCC, and there are ongoing constraints, but also some opportunities.

    Andy O'Connell
  • Body, we have no plan!

    By Andy O'Connell

    In our worship service yesterday, worship leader Chris Fulton said, at one point, "We have no plan! Over to you!" I don't know how you responded to that? Did you see it as an act of brave faith, or of reckless leadership?

    "We have no pre-determined plan! Let's see what God does as we meet!" has long been a core practice of our sort of church. When I found myself becoming part of Oxford Community Church in the 1980s, it was standard practice to meet for 'body meetings'. 

    Andy O'Connell
  • Worship: unique and united

    By Sanjay Mahtani

    Throughout the summer, we have been so enriched by a series of sermons on the Psalms. Ruth Morton brought an invitation from Psalm 133, to be united, and to experience the rich blessings that God has for his people when we dwell together in unity. 

    Just a few psalms later, David writes of the individual and intimate knowledge that God has of each one of us: "Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether" Psalm 139:4 

    Sanjay Mahtani
  • The queen is back!

    By Andy O'Connell

    During the early days of lockdown, many of us who lead churches were frantically looking for advice and learnings from others as we sought to navigate a confusing season. We were asking what was the church supposed to be, and to be doing, and to be praying in this "unprecedented" season?

    Andy O'Connell
  • Introducing: Jo Male

    By Jo Male

    Hello, I am Jo Male and in September I will be starting as the new OCC apprentice, following in the footsteps of the wonderful Dan and Jonny.

    OCC has been a huge part of my life in the four years I have been in Oxford, so I am excited to have the chance to serve the community that has been so important to me throughout my time as a student. 

    Jo Male