Streamed Sundays FAQs

By Andy O'Connell

How will it work?

Our Streamed Sundays services will be 10.30-11.30am each Sunday. They will include led worship, prayers, a short talk and '3x3' – 3-minute videos to help us nurture our own relationship with Jesus.

A link to participate in the video stream will be posted before we start - and you can watch again if you are unable to be with us live.

We will work out a way for prophetic or other contributions to be brought to the church.

What about children?

We will also provide resources for children.

How do I get onto the stream?

Each week we will publish a blog post with all the details for the next Streamed Sunday.

What if I can't join on time, or I have technical problems?

After the stream ends you will be able to watch again via the same webpage. 

Why are we offering Streamed Sundays?

Some may ask why we are streaming, rather than just encouraging people to pray and read the Bible in their homes.

In this unprecedented season, we definitely see an opportunity for each of us to refresh our own relationship with God, as individuals and as families/households. The coming months could easily lead to relational isolation and spiritual discouragement, but we are trusting that God will meet us in new ways, and help us into new ways of being community.

Part of community is worshipping God together, and while we will do over video calls and WhatsApp, we also want to explore ways to retain a sense of whole church unity. Worshipping together is a statement of that unity!

For many of us, a regular weekly event will be really helpful to maintain a rhythm, and help us receive encouragement and perspective at a time when we really need it.

Streaming from The King's Centre

From Sunday 21 June, we will be streaming from TKC instead of from homes.

Already, Government advice (as clarified by Evangelical Alliance) allows “religious leaders to stream church services from their place of worship with the support of lay volunteers”. As we can very easily socially-distance a small crew at TKC, we expect to start streaming Sunday services from The King’s Centre from 21 June, with essential leaders and technical crew only. This will enable us to prepare for a more public opening in due course.

Andy O'Connell