Seven Priorities for Student Ministry

By Andy O'Connell

Person looking over a distant city

Part of our founding vision for Oxford Community Church (the church was started in 1984) was to connect with and serve students, seeing them 'infected' (a term that hasn't dated well, post-pandemic!) with a passion for the Kingdom of God, and determined to spend their lives serving God wherever he would take them. After uni, students from both universities find themselves in different nations/workplaces/communities where they can play their part for God as his ambassadors, contributing to his plan for the renewal of all things. We want to play our part in helping that happen!

This is, of course, a specific aspect of our wider vision the be a training-and-sending church. OCC's foundational vision included both a commitment to help Christians fulfil their calling and sending people to do good in other places. It is changed people who change the world, and God sends many people to Oxford to get the training they need! You can find more on that at

Over the years the statement of our vision for students has matured and we now articulate seven priorities:

1. To nurture individuals in resilient confident identity in God

2. To prepare students for life

3. To support God's holistic mission in Oxford, by supporting student leaders and initiatives

4. To see more students engaged with a disciple-making local church

5. To develop leadership in students, through mentoring and training 

6. To teach student to live as confident word-and-spirit disciples

7. For some, to enjoy ongoing partnership as they play their part in God's world

To find out more, read more of our blogs - or better still - come and meet us and get involved!