Getting going in personal pastoring

By Student Team

So, you're about to get into a personal pastoring relationship? What is it all about and how do you get the best out of it.


In this first video (original recorded for students, so it's very short!) Andy O'Connell explores two foundational ideas:

  • That good personal pastoring is more like inviting a personal trainer to help you, than just going to the GP
  • That effective personal pastoring requires us to build a good relationship

What we do

In this second video Andy explores 3 key facets of a personal pastoring relationship - care, accountability and discipleship - and 3 Cs we discuss - character conduct and content.

Another way of saying the same thing is that personal pastoring helps develop ABC - actions, beliefs and character. This diagram attempts to how that what we see (actions) is massively affected by what we don't see (beliefs and character). These things are below the surface, like an iceberg!

Action, belief, character

Getting started

In this last video, Andy gives practical tips on getting started!

For more on being and disciple, and personal pastoring, including teaching from 2 Timothy, listen to this talk from our Autumn 2019 series Forged: 

Student Team