New habits for us all

By Andy O'Connell


We've just ended an important series in the life of OCC. As we explained in a previous blog, as we all emerge from the constraints of the last 18 months, the elders agreed it is time to invest again in our relationships with God ー both as individuals and as communities. 

In the series we focused on nine 'keystone' habits, as we explained here, the habits most likely to lead to other changes.

We are recommending that each individual and each community adopt just one new habit, in order to do that well. Families and households may also want to get involved together. (In January 2022 and possibly Lent 2022 we will come back to the topic, to help embed change.)

We'd love to know how the series connected with you? Please respond to a brief survey here.

I missed a week or two - how do I catch up?

If you weren't able to be with us each week, we strongly recommend you catch up with any sessions you missed by watching the whole talks here

To watch again about a specific habit or spiritual discipline, visit this album on our Vimeo site:

Screenshot from Vimeo

Or, for direct links to specific clips:

  1. Disconnecting - retreat (Steve), notifications off (Andy)
  2. Connecting to community (Steve)
  3. Openness and honesty - lament (Steve), Examen (Andy), Examen (Steve)confession (Steve), soul searching (Steve)
  4. Sabbath - Sabbath (Andy), Sabbath (Elizabeth)
  5. Fasting (Elizabeth)
  6. Feasting and celebration (Elizabeth)
  7. Bible reading (Lois)
  8. Listening to Jesus (Lois)
  9. Listening with others (Lois)

There are loads of other resources on our Unforced Rhythms series blog and on a blog called 'Broaden your diet' we published in 2020.