Forward Together!

By Sanjay Mahtani (on behalf of the Elders)

people on boat

September is here, a new year has a begun! Perhaps more than usual this year, the autumn can be a time of particular hope, vision, and expectation. As people move to Oxford during Sept-Oct, it’s our habit to take a few weeks looking at our vision as a church. But this autumn, we’re spending four weeks looking at both vision and money. Why would we do that?! 

Our relationship with money shows the state of our heart

Firstly, because money matters! Jesus talks about money (a lot!), but our culture doesn’t give us a great picture of how to do money well. It’s important that we understand how God sees money, and unpack what the Bible has to say about it, so we can live in line with that. We try to do that each year, as part of being a community following the way of Jesus. 

The Bible makes clear that our relationship with money shines a light on the state of our heart. We can have a range of attitudes towards money. We might worry about it – not having enough, or what to do with more than enough. We can experience its power over us, through anxiety, addictions, or poor management. Sometimes we get obsessed with money, pursuing financial gain with all our time and effort. Or we can think it’s of little consequence, as if it doesn’t matter to God. God invites us to relate well to money. The good news is that God longs for us to have a right relationship with him, and that affects all of life, including money. 

We're moving forward together in vision and purpose

Secondly, because we're not just a community of people who believe the same stuff. We believe God has spoken to us about areas to focus on, so we are moving forward together in vision and purpose - that involves our time, money, and other resources too. We will be sharing about our vision, which we call our Future Focus, and giving opportunity to sow into that together. 

We’ll be walking slowly through four stories Jesus tells about money - describing a life where money doesn’t control us and doesn’t cause us to worry. Instead, we can use money to bring delight to God’s heart, bring about God’s Kingdom purposes, and bring great joy and blessing to those around us! We want to become cheerful, purposeful, generous givers. 

So, whether you have more than enough, less than enough, or somewhere in between, come on a journey with this autumn as we move Forward Together. 

Want to go deeper? 
  • Take some time this week to reflect on God’s as 'the great giver' – he gladly gave his only precious Son to come and save the world. Are you a cheerful, purposeful, generous giver? 
  • When did you last review your income, outgoings, giving, tithing, saving? Is it time for a review?
  • Do you need help managing your finances? Get in touch with @email and we’d be delighted to talk with you.