Catch the wave!

By Bev Jones

A picture of a surfer riding inside a huge wave

I painted this picture at a Transform camp in 2016 (as part of our 2020 Vision!) God brought it to mind for this time. The sense was that as we stand on the beach, and watch a massive wave form before us, we have a choice - either to be consumed by that wave, or to look up, see it as an opportunity, and see Christ within that wave, to paddle to it like a surfer, then, taken up by Christ along the edge, yes a precarious place, but he's given us a surf board! 

He is with us... in fact his very presence is in the wave, and we can trust him to take us where he will, lifting others up on the way! 

This wave is a powerful thing, it transforms the environment we are in, but God will bring change with it. Let's be a part of what God will do through us and in us, rather than being overwhelmed by it. Amen! 

Wed, 18/03/2020 - 18:56