Boundless Renewal

By Steve Jones

cup of water

On 11 December 2022 Steve Jones introduced the phrase 'boundless renewal', as part of a longer talk available here

OCC is a church, founded on the Word and the Spirit, and committed to boundless renewal: that is, personal renewal that leads to renewal in the world around us.

Steve says: "There is no limit to the scope, the focus, the depth, the duration of the renewal that God determines to bring, and so looking ahead into 2022 and beyond this phrase, boundless renewal, is going to be on our lips as something we keep coming back to, because it holds together so much of what God has been inspiring us to believe and to expect. It will be a theme of our praying. It will be a theme of our dreaming and planning. It will be at the centre of our pastoral care, and in the School of the Spirit, and in our mission, our community building and our social action."