Our reflections on The Turning, an outreach initiative that started in Reading, Berkshire.

A Prayer for the Harvest

Harvest being taken in

Prayer for the Harvest

Father, please send workers into the harvest field, for the harvest is plentiful. Give us compassion and faith LORD as we go. Encourage us to be active in sharing our faith, so that we will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. (Matthew and Philemon)

Al McNicoll

Why being evangelistic is good for you

smiling woman talking in conversation

When I was in my early twenties, I took on mentoring a student (let's call him Jon). Jon was in his final year of University, and most of what we talked about was how his devotional life was faring during the pressures of finals. One evening, however, he asked me for my opinion - should he start thinking about proposing to his girlfriend? I hadn't talked out that kind of question before, and it took me quite a while before I eventually thought of a response I was happy with. My question to him was, "tell me all of the reasons why you like her".

Al McNicoll

Taking The Turning to Lille

Ruth in Lille

One of the great things about working for Steve Thomas is that I get to hear about all sorts of things and even get to take part in some of them. However, when, within a few weeks of hearing of the incredible results obtained in an evangelism campaign in Reading, I began to pick up indications that, not only that they were thinking of taking this thing to France, but that Steve had actually volunteered my services to help administrate the event, as well as to translate all the related texts, I was far from impressed.

Ruth Morton

The Turning and me

The Turning

When I first started going to Abingdon to see what was happening there, I found myself on my way to the Salvation Army building near the town centre. I parked up, only to see someone I recognised from a prayer and worship time the night before. She was right there in the car park talking through a sheet of paper with an elderly gentleman. I left her to it and walked into the building across the street ready for a cup of coffee and to be taught how to do “The Turning”. I later heard from her that she had prayed a prayer to Jesus with the man.

Simon Jackman