We're committed to offering opportunities for every person to be mentored, discipled and trained, enabling themĀ to play their place in God's world (Ephesians 4:12 "equipping all of God's people for works of service"). Current opportunities include:

  • Personal Pastoring, one-to-one mentoring available to everyone
  • Communities, growing and learning in community and mission
  • STEP, introductory leadership training for workplace, community and church
  • *Upper Room, further leadership and theological trainingĀ 
  • *The Apprentice Year, a year out of leadership development, usually for post-uni young adults
  • *Prophetic development coaching group
  • *Worship development coaching group
  • The Marriage Preparation Course, for couples preparing for marriage

For information on current training opportunities, please contact the church office.

*Some opportunities have prerequisites.