Lent at OCC: Prayers, Podcasts, and Paperchains!

By Lois Fulton

Lent is an amazing opportunity to commit to God in a new way. Some people choose to give something up (or ‘fast’) during Lent, others choose to try something new to enrich their devotional lives. Whatever God leads you to do, we wanted to provide some suggestions for how we could approach this season together as a family.



At the start of this year, Steve Jones called on us as a church family to be ‘praying for rain’ – and there really is such power in our joining together to cry out to our loving God!

Lois Fulton

Prayer is a Wonderful Thing!

By Steve Jones

Prayer is a wonderful thing. It is at once the simplest and most profound of all spiritual activities. Simple words like ‘Thank you,’ ‘Sorry’ and ‘Please’ enable even pre-school children to pray from the heart, and yet there are riches and depths of prayers still to discover for those who have walked with God for decades.

Cut to the chase? Practicalities for the week of Sep 24-28

Steve Jones

God's Invitation: Come up Higher!

By Andy O'Connell

This is the third blog in a short series exploring what the elders believe God is saying to the church at the moment. A few days ago Steve wrote about faith for growth. Al then highlighted the opportunities to grow in faith as we engage with the Summer of Mission 2018. In this blog I want to highlight what we believe God is saying about prayer and how he is inviting us to respond!

Andy O'Connell

Merry Christmas

By Steve Jones

This is the first blog in a short series exploring what the elders believe God is saying to the church at the moment.

It's very nearly Christmas!

Throughout this term, we've been "praying for growth" as a church, for upgrades in our maturity, our extent and our numbers.

Steve Jones

A People Prepared

By Al McNicoll

On the morning of my wedding, I woke up at 8am, had a leisurely breakfast, put on a suit, and headed off to the Church. Caroline, on the other hand, was awoken at 6am to start doing hair and makeup. The photos do reflect the difference in time spent preparing!

Al McNicoll

Four ways to "get ready" together!

By Al McNicoll

This Autumn, I have stripped fruit from more or less every hedgerow in our neighbourhood — no bramble, no elderberry tree was safe! The greatest frustration with foraging is always when you see a promising patch ahead, but as you draw closer you see that only a few of the fruit are ripe, and the rest are still unready. This experience got me thinking about a certain passage in the Gospels...

Al McNicoll

A Prayer for the Harvest

By Al McNicoll

Prayer for the Harvest

Father, please send workers into the harvest field, for the harvest is plentiful. Give us compassion and faith LORD as we go. Encourage us to be active in sharing our faith, so that we will have a full understanding of every good thing we have in Christ. (Matthew and Philemon)

Al McNicoll

A Pattern for a Purpose

By Iulia Mirzac

I often don’t notice the difference my daily quiet time with God really makes until I fall out of the discipline of having one. Being too busy to “stay still and know that He is God” renders me an easy target for the one who walks around looking to destroy what God has built. Before I know it, I become fearful, doubtful, grumpy and insecure.

I used to think of devotional times as a necessity to ‘please’ God. Something to do, to achieve, to perfect, in the hope that it may earn God’s attention, mercy, perhaps even love.

Iulia Mirzac

Posture in Prayer

By Mark Poniatowski

Something I’ve often been hugely challenged by has been the importance of kneeling in prayer. In fact, I’ve become really passionate about it! I really believe that kneeling can be a really important part of prayer.

Mark Poniatowski