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Fusion: what's all that about?

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I came up to Oxford in 1985. At the time there was little in the way of charismatic, Holy-Spirit-filled life in the church. St Aldates at the time was led by Michael Green (now an elder-statesman in the church, who we are delighted is coming to speak at OCC in the autumn) - one had to queue for entry, such was the level of excitement as Michael led the church in the life of the Holy Spirit. There was a small charismatic house church somewhere in Botley, and an odd, itinerant and therefore hard-to-track-down group of Christians called Oxford Community Church.

Andy O'Connell

Becoming a movement: what's all that about?

Arab Spring Tahrir Square

Over the summer one of the students - Pip - was camping with my family, while he and they served together in the 7-11s kids work at our UK summer camp. Amidst gunge-tanks, sore muscles and tiredness, Pip and I had a conversation about being a student movement. What on earth do we mean? And how does it differ from a network, denomination or simply the whole global church?

Andy O'Connell


Jesus called disciples, and told them to make disciples - what does that look like for us today?
Al McNicoll