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Whether you've grown up as a Christian or recently come to faith, getting plugged into a good local Church is essential to owning and maturing in your faith. Jesus called us to be disciples and make disciples, so discipleship is at the centre of how we live together. Expect to encourage and be encouraged, challenge and be challenged, bless and be blessed, as you join with a passionate student community in walking as Jesus walked!

Al & Caroline McNicoll
OCC Student Pastors

Student Night

We meet on Thursday evenings at 7:45pm above the Wig & Pen in the centre of town, for worship, teaching and sharing life. Everyone's welcome - just turn up!

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About Us

We believe that to become lifelong disciples of Jesus is the best decision anyone can make, and our community is focused on discipleship. We want to be students who know the Scriptures and apply them to our lives, and who grow in our spiritual gifts. We love God passionately, and our community reflects that love in genuine care for each other and in seeking to draw in those who have yet to find faith in God.

We're also people of faith! We know that God loves to encounter us, and that He does amazing things in our lives and in those of others when we pray, so we take time to pray together and build each other up in faith.

To explore more of what it means to be an OCC student, we're starting a "Student Values" blog, with different students or recent students looking at how we see life as a Christian. You can read more here.

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