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Jesus called disciples, and told them to make disciples - what does that look like for us today?
Al McNicoll

Spring to Life!

Spring Harvest art

First-time Spring Harvest artists Beverley Jones and Amy Thellusson report back to base.


Amy Thellusson

10 Points of Inspiration

Inspiration Just Ahead sign

Rather than writing about one thing, I wanted to share a collection of things that have fuelled me, encouraged me and spurred me on of late, so here goes!

Caroline McNicoll

The Rest is History

One crochet rest

Surrounded by needs, and driven by wants, what place does rest have in our lives today?

It's summertime, and if Gershwin is right then the livin' ought to be easy. Yet, on a sunny Saturday in a little holiday cottage in Cornwall, I feel just as compelled to have achieved something tangible by the end of the day as on any day at the office. So what is it that drives my longing for productivity? Why do I feel guilty for sitting down and doing very little for a stretch of time? And what does God think about all this?


Al McNicoll

The continuing work of the Father

I’ve spent quite some time trying to figure out whether I wanted to talk about what God is doing now in my life, or what he has been doing the past year. However, I’ve come to realise a bit of danger with the latter track of thought. It’s as if to say that God can do a lot of amazing things during semester time, but when it comes to the end of the academic year, and most of the students go home, God is very much limited and comes to a standstill on what he can and will do in my life.

Vue Nkomo

Introducing the OCC Student Blog!

OCC Student Ball 2015

As OCC students, we believe that one of our greatest strengths is the community we share. It's a family within a family, and year on year we hear testimonies of the impact this community has had in people's lives.

However, community isn't just about love and support - it's also about encouragement, challenge and inspiration. As the writer to the Hebrews puts it: "let us consider how we may spur one another on towards love and good deeds"; while the book of Proverbs reminds us that "as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another".

Al McNicoll