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The Protection of God

What remained of the car - with us in the background

"The Lord will watch over your coming and going, both now and evermore."

Every good story has a hero, and we tell the story to honour the hero. This is a story about the loving God and how He has miraculously protected me and others in the last week.

Al McNicoll

My name is Andy and I'm a Physicist.

Steam engine with flywheel, and 1950s children's roundabout

My name is Andy and I'm a Physicist. Confession over. Well, I was. In what now seems like a former life, I read Physics at Teddy Hall (Oxford) and then did a DPhil thesis in something that I now struggle to even understand the title of!

One of the prophetic images I've been carrying for the student ministry at OCC, is that of a flywheel. I mentioned this recently, and someone (maybe a humanities student?!) said "What is a flywheel?", so I thought I needed to explain what I saw and what I think God is saying.

Andy O'Connell

Four reasons we're into church-based student mission

Student Weekend Away 2015

This is one of a series of 3 blogs explaining our approach to student ministry. We've talked about being part of a movement, how that connects with Fusion, and in this last blog I want to explain more about our values of 'church-based student mission'.

Our convictions, actually, are not really about just student mission, but mission and ministry in general. We believe that mission and ministry is supposed to be part of the task of the local church, where community, mission, discipleship and worship can be integrated, holistic and sustainable.

Andy O'Connell

What We Did On Our Holidays

Adventure maps

We hope you're having a fantastic holiday so far! If you're a fresher who's investigating OCC, if you're away from home for a while, or if we don't have your address, then you won't have had the actual letter that we sent out about a week ago. What follows is the letter we sent out (minus the exciting goodies).

Al McNicoll

A Pattern for a Purpose

A pattern of devotions
I used to think of devotional times as a necessity to ‘please’ God. Something to do, to achieve, to perfect, in the hope that it may earn God’s attention, mercy, perhaps even love. But it doesn’t work like that! God gives us His attention because it delights his heart to do so.
Iulia Mirzac

Posture in Prayer

man kneeling in prayer with a Bible
Something I’ve often been hugely challenged by has been the importance of kneeling in prayer. In fact, I’ve become really passionate about it!
Mark Poniatowski

A Season of Songs

Hands on a piano
What season of worship songs are you in? Jenna Coates looks at the value of thinking through what you're listening to and identifying your heart-cry.
Jenna Coates

Location, location, location!

House by trees
When thinking about consistent devotional prayer, location can be very important. I want to give you two top tips as to what we can to make sure our devotional locations are on point...
Mark Poniatowski

Shaking up our devotional lives!

Devotions - Bible on table

This term, our preaching series is entitled "Open Heaven, Changing Lives", and through it we're hoping to see our prayer lives flourish and our lives follow Jesus more closely - so "prayer and discipleship" if you like.

Al McNicoll