Midweek groups

Aeroplane on runway

As well as enjoying meeting and worshipping together on a Sunday, we love forming Communities. These are the backbone of our church’s fellowship, discipleship and mission – groups of people who meet and share life throughout the week, enjoying their relationships with God, together and with their wider community.

In common with many other churches, we have learnt that there is more to mid-week church life to than a weekly Bible study. Our Communities not only pray and study the Bible together, but also learn to share life together beyond meetings, and to share life with people who are not currently Christians.

Community life usually involves a shared interest: playing games together, knitting together, eating out together, running a football club together, doing each other’s DIY. Therefore, Communities vary in vision, location and meeting patterns! Click here to find out more!

Just getting started?

Runway is a midweek group course that introduces you to midweek community life in Oxford Community Church. Runway groups start periodically, especially during the autumn, when most new people join us.

  • Why? Communities are an vital part of life at Oxford Community Church and we'd love everyone to understand fully how they work and what it is like to be part of one.
  • Who? People new to OCC. Runway is also good if you've been in OCC for ages, but haven't found a community that works for you.
  • What? Participants are introduced to the vision and beliefs behind missional communities. It may even lead to a new community being formed!
  • When? A weekly meeting, over 16 weeks, including Bible study, discussion, prayer and challenge!
  • Find out more? Contact the church office for information about our next Runway group starting.