The Turning Timetable

timetableEncounter evening (The Kings Centre)

The Encounter evening is vital preparation for the outreach. We need to be close to God and filled with his Spirit in order to share with people and see God move in their lives. Each evening will comprise a time of praise and worship, lifting up Jesus, together with an invitation for filling with his Spirit and praying for one another. There will also be some sharing of testimonies and stories. We ask that people don't go out on the streets unless they have been to an Encounter evening beforehand.

Arrive and register at  Wesley Memorial church

Arrive between 0930 and 1000. If this is your first time, please arrive as early as possible so that we can register you. Tea and coffee will be available from 0930. You will be given a pack of information which includes: Outreach training outline; The Turning record sheets; The Script; a leaflet about the local church.

Turning Training

This is specific training in how to approach people, use the Script in talking to people, lead people in prayer and record their details. You will get practice in talking through the Script with another person. Training will finish at about 1100, allowing time for teams to be set up (normally mixed sex pairs but can be up to 4 people). Inexperienced people will be paired up with more experienced people wherever possible. Going through the training at least twice will enable people to get used to going through the Turning.

Turning on the streets

Teams will go out from the Methodist church to areas around the centre of the city where we are most likely to see crowds of people. These teams will approach people and share and pray with them. They will head back to the church after 1 hour.

Share back and testimonies

After each outreach there is time to share stories of what has happened and gain feedback on how people have found it. There is also a chance to pray for one another as appropriate. Testimonies are a vital part of giving glory to God and encouraging one another.

Lunch and dinner

You will need to find your own provision for lunch and dinner, unless otherwise specified.