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Showing love to everyone

1. Intro from Anna

2. Good Samaritan Video

3. Craft from Bev

It's always good to be kind, and in some ways, it's easy to be kind to your friends because they will be kind back to you. But this story isn't about being kind to your friends, it's about being kind to people who are not friends with you. The man who was hurt and the Samaritan man who stopped to help him were from different places and usually people from those places did not get along with each other. It's a bit like if a Wycombe Wanderers fan stopped to help an Oxford United supporter after the football match the other week!

Have a think about who it might be hard for you to show kindness to. Is there someone who makes your life difficult? Is there a sports team you have a rivalry with? Is there someone who no-one would expect you to be friends with? 

In the picture drawn by Bev someone on one team is injured and the person on the other team is saying something to them. Colour in the picture and if you fold it carefully like in the example you can bring the 2 players together! Why not think about what they might say to each other and fill in the speech and thought bubbles. You could take time to pray and ask God to help you to help someone else that you wouldn’t normally this week.

Download the template from this link.

See an example of this craft here.

4. Song

5. Questions to chat about & Pray

  • Who were the people in the story who were not kind to the hurt man?
  • Why is it hard to be kind to some people?
  • What does this story also show us about the way that God loves us?
  • What kind things could you do for someone who is not expecting it?



Dear God,

Thank you that you don't ignore us or leave us alone when we are hurt. Thank you that you are always kind to us and that you show your love generously. Sorry for the times when we haven't shown our love for you or our neighbours [pause and try to think of some things you want to say sorry for]. Please help us to love others the same way that you love us, even if they aren't our friend. Please show us someone we could try to be kind to in the next week... [have a listen to God here!]