Highlands and Indians

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We're off to the scottish highlands for a half-term break! It should look much like the picture :)

I'm also looking forward to next Sunday, when we get back and when we'll be led in worship by a band from naujavan (www.9javan.co.uk), with a mix of English and Indian songs.


Steve Jones

Pelted with lemons

I've been writing an essay for my theology degree course, and came across something that has really changed my view of the Pharisees:

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Love Oxford: rain and balloons

By the way, wasn't Love Oxford brilliant?

Shame on those who were put off by the rain at 10.30am! It cleared by 10.45am, and the event was bigger and better than ever. I thought Michael Ramsden was especially good. I wanted to get born again again by time he'd finished.

We brought two green helium-filled balloons home with us, which brought much delight to the house. Then, when I opened the front door on Monday morning, the only one still floating floated out of the door and into the heavens...  Not a happy start to the week!

Steve Jones

Coffee: fuel for life?

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Apparently, one of the reasons that people put on weight is a failure to distinguish between thirst and hunger. Someone who is a bit dehydrated will feel a bit dizzy and maybe have a rumbling tummy, and will think that what they need is some food and so they go and get a snack.

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Love Oxford

Image removed.It’s this Sunday! 11am, South Park.

Christians from many churches across the city will be coming together to worship, to pray and to hear God’s word.

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More wine for students

We had a great evening last night! About 35 students met together to pray about the future of Fusion, OCC’s student ministry. Dave Wong led us in worship, and we together enjoyed God’s presence with us. It was a very special time. 

We were together to seek God’s guidance, and he spoke to us! There were a number of people who spoke out, mostly from the Scriptures but also from dreams and some Wikipedia-derived inspiration!  

Steve Jones

Fishing in the dark

I love going fishing! I’ve just spent a few hopeful hours casting a line into a lake near Chipping Norton, as the dusk gradually deepened and trout began to mock me by jumping out of the water every few seconds. A series of my flies (that is, hooks tied with twine to make them look like flies) had ended up stuck in the tree behind me, and I was running out of options. I’d had several fish bite at my hook, but I was tired and my reactions were too slow.

Steve Jones

Stranger in my mind

I’ve been thinking about how new ideas get embedded in us. I mean, they don’t flit around our brains like summer swallows for ever. Eventually, they either fly away, never to be remembered again, or else they put down roots in our brain cells and become part of the fabric of our minds. 

Steve Jones


When you’re two years old and your father doesn’t answer your question, what do you do? I guess that different children find different solutions. The current strategy in our home is to keep repeating the question, with scant pause for breath, until it provokes a response. So, a typical conversation: 

“Daddy. What doing? What doing? What doing? What doing? What doing? What doing?”

“I’m trying to super-glue this seat back together”

“Why it broken? Why it broken? Why it broken? Why it broken?... Daddy, why it broken?”

“Because you broke it”

Steve Jones

Sunday travels

Two away fixtures in one day! 

Morning: We went as a family to visit ‘Community Church Thame’ (www.occ.org.uk/thame), meeting with about 14 other people in the O’Connells’ house. We looked at Jesus’ example in prayer and did some prayer walking. Great people. Great vision. Great bacon! 

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