Worcester, the city that is, not the Oxford college!

As a family, we're just about to go out of the doorourselves and off to' Transform'. This is the main event for our national network of churches, Salt & Light - and it means that there will be NO MEETING AT THE KINGS CENTRE THIS SUNDAY (1st AUGUST).

If you've not already booked for Transform, then please come along as a day visitor on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday!

(Click here for more info on Transform, including ticket prices).

Steve Jones

Widgets and change

I thought that Lizzie Green was very helpful to us all this morning in talking about change. It's good for us to consider what we need to let go of from the past and what we need to embrace in the present, in order to move forward.

I’m reading a book that Simon Shaw lent me in the week (Tribes, by Seth Godin), in which I found this little statement:

“Managers make widgets. Leaders make change.”

Steve Jones

From Steve's study

A quick update for anyone who might be wondering what I'm doing...

I'm now 3 weeks into my 3 month study break. I've written 2 Hebrew assignments, 3 Christology assignments and am about to move onto some church history and more Hebrew.

We spent Easter Sunday in Seaton in Devon (and bumped into an ex-OCC member in the church service!), the following Sunday in Cheltenham and the next Sunday in Peterborough, where we saw about 20 people get born again. Last Sunday, it was nice to be back in Oxford at The King's Centre with the church family that we love!

Steve Jones

New Baby Jones

We have a new baby daughter, Eleanor Rose Abigail Jones. Born Thursday 4th Feb at 6.35am and weighing 9lbs 6.5oz.

Bev is doing well, and Amber and Lois are delighted. Lois is especially pleased to have been elevated to the rank of 'big sister'!


A few pics...

Image removed.







Steve Jones

Get rid of the scum

Bev and I have still not been overtaken by the arrival of baby Jones no.3, so last night’s evening on gender roles went ahead as planned. About 25 people from across the church gathered in Osney. We looked at the range of views that exist and at some of the relevant passages of Scripture, and there was lots of discussion!

Steve Jones

Fun in the snow!

We were expecting company last night for a curry, but the snow got in everyone's way (apart from the takeaway delivery man!). So, Bev and I spent a quiet evening in front of the fire with said curry, watching 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe' on BBC3

Whist we watched Aslan melting the snow on the TV, the snow fell outside until it looked like this at about midnight. Rather ironic, really...

Steve Jones

Words for 2010

What a great meeting we had last Sunday morning (3rd Jan).

A number of people stood up to prophesy, and there was a remarkable measure of agreement between what different people had to say. Rich Taylor has very helpfully taken some notes and grouped it all under three main headings: expectation and attempting great things - hope - being filled with the Spirit.


Expecting more and attempting more

Steve Jones

Cafe Church

I've just got home from the first Cafe Church at Costa on the Cowley Road. There were about 25 of us, including 4 or 5 people who I'd not met before. It was great to meet new people, and a great venue to sit and talk about things that really matter.

The subject for the evening was 'Confidence', as in self-confidence and self-esteem. Now, I can confess that I went to the evening thinking that the subject would be of interest to others, but not something that felt tremendouly meaningful to me.

Steve Jones

Passion for Jesus

 As part of preparing to preach on Sunday, I’ve been re-reading ‘Passion for Jesus’ (by Mike Bickle, Kingsway, 1994). The following section struck a chord with me, as he puts into words something that I’ve been thinking about quite a lot recently…


Many of the problems in the body of Christ today are merely the result of a more fundamental problem at the very heart of the church. Our generation is paying a very heavy price for the decline of the intimate knowledge of God.

Steve Jones