Stronger Together

In case you missed it, here is the text of an article that I wrote for our ‘Connections’ magazine, which was handed out at our Central Region Celebration in mid-July. (By the way, the story that it includes - which is a true story! - is lifted from a book  that I have just written for Salt & Light, called Revealing Jesus: Living as God’s People in Today’s World. You can buy a copy from here.)


Steve Jones

Heaven's Unexpected Throne Room

The Royal Wedding

The official photos of William and Kate’s wedding were taken in the throne room at Buckingham Palace. It’s an amazing place, with walls covered in crimson silk. It was once used to receive debutantes on their ‘coming out’, but is now only used on special occasions, like wedding days.

Chapters 4 and 5 of the Book of Revelation describe for us a vision of the throne room of heaven. Like the throne room of the United Kingdom, its focus is also on the throne and on the royal figure who sits on that throne. However, the differences are more striking than the similarities.


Steve Jones

The Church and Facebook

Andrew Clark has put the video of my recent talk on 'The Church and Facebook' online here.

The password is: inchristalone

I hope you enjoy it!

Steve Jones

The Church and Those Outside

I've been studying theology formally for years now. I first began a distance learning course in 2002 and have continued on and off ever since. I'm now about 75% of the way through a theology degree with the London School of Theology. It's a time consuming business, and sometimes quite hard work too!

Steve Jones

Willa's Story



I have been reading The Logic of the Spirit by James Loder and came across the following story. I hope it touches you as much as it does me…

Steve Jones

Of Babies and Blogs


As we approach the end of 2010, one thing that I have learnt is that babies and blogs are not very compatible! Having had our third child, Eleanor, in February, Bev and I have been very happy but more fully occupied than ever, and this blog has been neglected…

Steve Jones

God Stepped Down

We're going to play a bit of an old sermon about the Lewis Revival tomorrow morning. It's good stuff, not least for helping us to understand that Jesus is God of heaven and earth, and that his power overshadows whole communities.

For those that want to listen to the whole sermon, click here.

Steve Jones

The trellis and the vine

The end of summer is finally approaching. For me, it’s been an unusual summer, coming as it has after a 3 month study break. Instead of entering the summer holidays gasping for air, July began gently and with Bev and I enjoying an unusual measure of well-being.

Steve Jones