I know that praying is the best thing to do (I just sometimes need reminding!)

Otter seeming to pray

An extract from my diary:

July 25th 2016

Today I did the job application. I also finished the Legal Education in Africa report, packed for Berlin, travelled to London and shadowed Upper Tribunal Judge Cocker in the County Guidance case on human trafficking. Then had dinner at Mark and Hannah’s and only then went to bed.

Looking back a year from now, it is so obvious that You have been close. Breathing in and out of my lungs. Providing amazing opportunities, connecting me with amazing people, softening my heart and drawing my soul closer to You.

You stayed true to your promise – the fruits of my year abroad have indeed been more than I could have fathomed back then. And I have learned to give it to You.

Today was a good day – at Oxfam House, we had lunch with fellow Christian colleagues. The room was filled with people You love and I was moved to tears as we, one by one, sang praises to You and shared with each other our individual testimonies of how and when You chose to draw us near You. I found myself sharing, “Every morning as I cycle to Oxfam, I pray for Lawyers Against Poverty. I noticed that when I do that… things go better that day”

An afternoon email made my day - our contacts at Children’s Society referred to us a young woman from the Oxford refugee community. She would like to join the summer law school organised by Brookes. But her immigration case was difficult and in the meantime the application deadline has passed. Her case will be decided tomorrow and I pray with all my heart that she is accepted onto the programme nonetheless.

 I do not like the prospect of being unemployed in September and securing employment has not been as easy as one would have thought. I worry a lot and then, when worry exhausts me, I remember to pray.

I remember that praying is what I know to do best. It is what I know that works best.

Praying is a good investment.

It is a privilege.

Jesus died to make a way for us to pray directly to the Father. We no longer need intermediaries to make requests on our behalf, we do not need a sacrifice nor a washing ceremony nor a long list of rules to obey before we can come in the presence of God.

When Jesus ascended to heaven, He sent us a good helper. The Holy Spirit who is in and all around us.  The same power that rose Jesus from the death is now living in you and me. It is in this Spirit that we pray.

So praying is a privilege. One-to-one, two-ways communication with our Creator. It is a privilege because the more we choose to talk with God, the more He chooses to share His heart with us. We share our perspective, He shares His. We share our vision and action-plans, He shares His.

If we want to become and build communities that bring Heaven on Earth, then I think we need to pray. We need to be a praying church. A praying mother. A praying father. A praying sibling. A praying co-worker. A praying teacher and a praying student.

And I need to be praying job-hunter…

Off to praying then! 

Iulia Mirzac