• Body, we have no plan!

    By Andy O'Connell

    In our worship service yesterday, worship leader Chris Fulton said, at one point, "We have no plan! Over to you!" I don't know how you responded to that? Did you see it as an act of brave faith, or of reckless leadership?

    "We have no pre-determined plan! Let's see what God does as we meet!" has long been a core practice of our sort of church. When I found myself becoming part of Oxford Community Church in the 1980s, it was standard practice to meet for 'body meetings'. 

    Andy O'Connell
  • School of the Spirit - coming soon!

    By Lois Fulton

    School of the Spirit is beginning to become a reality! Please watch this video for an update and to find out how you could get involved.

    Lois Fulton
  • September 2020 - what sort of church?

    By Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Elders)

    One of the joys of being in Oxford - and in OCC - is that lots of new people come to the city each year. As we've noted before, this dynamic provides a great opportunity to serve God's Kingdom, as we see disciples and leaders sent to other cities and nations. 

    Andy O'Connell (on behalf of the Elders)
  • Worship: unique and united

    By Sanjay Mahtani

    Throughout the summer, we have been so enriched by a series of sermons on the Psalms. Ruth Morton brought an invitation from Psalm 133, to be united, and to experience the rich blessings that God has for his people when we dwell together in unity. 

    Just a few psalms later, David writes of the individual and intimate knowledge that God has of each one of us: "Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether" Psalm 139:4 

    Sanjay Mahtani
  • The queen is back!

    By Andy O'Connell

    During the early days of lockdown, many of us who lead churches were frantically looking for advice and learnings from others as we sought to navigate a confusing season. We were asking what was the church supposed to be, and to be doing, and to be praying in this "unprecedented" season?

    Andy O'Connell
  • Introducing: Lyn Waddington

    By Lyn Waddington

    As I take on a new role in both Oxford Community Church and across the Oxfordshire Community Churches charity the leadership team thought it might be a good time for me to tell you more about myself.

    Lyn Waddington
  • Introducing: Jo Male

    By Jo Male

    Hello, I am Jo Male and in September I will be starting as the new OCC apprentice, following in the footsteps of the wonderful Dan and Jonny.

    OCC has been a huge part of my life in the four years I have been in Oxford, so I am excited to have the chance to serve the community that has been so important to me throughout my time as a student. 

    Jo Male
  • Sunday Recap - 26 July 2020

    By Sanjay Mahtani

    On Sunday 26th July, we gathered for a one-off Sunday service at The King’s Centre. If you missed it, you can catch up here

    As we began our time together, Jenny Mahtani led us in a call to worship, bringing our emotions and hopes before God in worship - listen again from 6:24. 

    Sanjay Mahtani
  • Coming back to the heart of worship

    By Andy O'Connell

    One of the things we've seen in lockdown is that good relationships withstand separation.

    You might have been unable to visit an elderly relative as they struggled to cope with isolation, or missed a good friend that you've longed to spend unhurried time with? Or perhaps you are one half of a love-struck dating couple that have not been able to see each other for ages!?

    Withdrawal of 'visiting privileges' has been one of the human costs of tackling this virus, and as restrictions eases in the UK, we're rushing to reconnect with relatives, friends and 'significant others'.

    Andy O'Connell
  • Change is coming - pay close attention to God

    By Steve Jones

    Last Sunday, a flurry of four prophetic messages were shared.

    For anyone unfamiliar with ‘prophetic messages’: The Bible describes them as God's gift to us. We expect – and enjoy – the fact that God communicated with people, so that they can then speak his message to us. Such words really help us. They encourage us and build us up – and sometimes disturb us!

    How do we know it’s God’s message for us? We ask questions like: Are they consistent with the Bible? Are they in keeping with other such messages that we have received? Is the the person speaking of good character?