Upper Room encounters? (news about Student Nights)

By Andy O'Connell

Autumn 2018 flyer

Over the summer the student team (that is, the oldies and the 'student leadership team' of current OCC students) have been seeking God about what he wants us to be and do together, as OCC Students! You'll find out more as you come along on Thursday evenings to the Student Nights (7.45pm, in the 'Upper Room' at Wig & Pen), but we wanted to whet your appetite. We can sum up what's new in 4 phrases:

An expectant community: God has been speaking about our expectancy. That when we come together we expect him to meet us, change us and empower us. As we gather each Thursday for Student Night, to come looking forward to what he will do, how he will surprise us and what he will say! You can join us in that, by praying as you come, and asking God what he wants to do!

A discipleship community: God has been speaking about discipleship, that is, our growth as Christians. As well as teaching on the theme of 'Don't conform - be transformed', we will be introducing 'small groups' as part of Student Night, to provide a smaller context to connect, talk and pray for each other, cultivating personal growth and less intimidating for introverts ;-)

An encountering community: God has been speaking about us being a community where students encounter God the Holy Spirit. Every other week we will not have a teaching session, but rather will give the evening over to unhurried worship and prayer, responding to God as he leads us. You can join us in that, by coming ready to participate.

A welcoming community: God has been speaking about us being a welcoming community. A community that leave the 99 to look for the 1. A community that WALKs to people - Willing to Ask God for ways to show his Love through Kindness to people. Student lunches will be at TKC for the first few weeks to make it easier for students to connect and we will offer a 'free pint'* after Student Night for first-timers. You can join us in that, by inviting and welcoming people!


*Other products are available ;-)

Andy O'Connell