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We are convinced that the gospel works in every people-group, culture and era. In our city, we believe we are called to plant a community for every community - an expression of church in reach of every bus-route, so that people of all nations, tribes, peoples and languages (Rev 7:9) can find a place of worship before God's throne.

It was for this reason that back in 2002 Oxford Community Church planted Leys Community Church, as part of the Oxfordshire Community Churches family. Our vision was to see an expression of church accessible to the people living in Blackbird and Greater Leys, a distinct and sizeable estate on the edge of the City, with its own distinct needs and culture.

Before the church was planted, in 1999 we started Leys Youth Programme. LYP worked in close partnership with the church, supporting young people and meeting the needs of estate families, and going on to win several awards. In 2016 LYP merged with Thrive, to provide a sustainable and strong future for the work on the Leys, and secure the ongoing excellent work with youth and families.

We are excited about the partnership between Thrive and LCC. We cheer them on to see whole community transformed as they developed resilient and confident young leaders, many of whom have overcome crises and hurdles in their own lives and are now encouraging others along the same path.

That's why we're delighted that The King's Centre is hosting the 6th annual Thrive young achievers dinner on Saturday 14 October. YAD17 is an opportunity for you to celebrate the achievements of some amazing young people from Barton, Blackbird Leys and South Abingdon, and to encourage them to fulfil their potential. Young people from these areas have been working as a team to plan and deliver the event, learning new skills to host you for this gala event. You will enjoy delicious food, see these young people win awards and publicly celebrate them – all for just £30.

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Andy O'Connell