MoT your Bible-reading and prayer habits

By Andy O'Connell

Vehicle MoT testing station sign

As part of the OCC Streamed Sunday on 5 April 2020, we're encouraging all of us to 'MoT' our devotional habits, those habits - of prayer, Bible reading, and much more - that facilitate our relationship with God. 

We're recommending two great resources, and for those of you that have not yet manged to get hold of them, below are some of the main headings from each of those books, along with other links.

Before You Open Your Bible, Matt Smethurst

(You can buy direct, or as it's best bought in bulk, we've got hold of lots of copies, and you can pick one up from either the O'Connells' house or the Kirks' house - as we're socially distancing there is a box outside each of our front doors. Just take one. Or, email the church office, and they will post one to you.)

  1. Approach Your Bible Prayerfully
  2. Approach Your Bible Humbly 
  3. Approach Your Bible Desperately
  4. Approach Your Bible Studiously 
  5. Approach Your Bible Obediently 
  6. Approach Your Bible Joyfully 
  7. Approach Your Bible Expectantly 
  8. Approach Your Bible Communally 
  9. Approach Your Bible Christ-centredly

How to Pray, Pete Greig

This book is accompanied by a series of short videos and loads of downloadable 'toolshed' resources - all free - at

  • Keep it simple, keep it real, keep it up
  • Pause: slowing and centring to be still before God
  • Rejoice: How to worship God
  • Ask: for yourself, for others, and handling unanswered prayer
  • Contemplation and listening: how to hear God
  • Confession and reconciliation: how to get right with God
  • Spiritual warfare: exercising spiritual authority
Andy O'Connell