Hurray for Freecycle!

By Steve Jones

About a year ago, Bev developed a strong desire for a bread maker and, amazingly, her dad found one on Freecycle in Cheltenham that worked fine. We were genuinely amazed that such a good thing would come up on Freecycle and that we'd get it. And it worked fine until about a month ago, when the motor in it stopped working. No more bread maker :(

Initially, we gave up and thought, 'That's that then.' But then I prayed a little prayer and asked God to solve our problem, and looked online at Oxford Freecycle. I found that, just a few hours earlier, someone had offered up a breadmaker that no longer baked, but in which the paddle motor still worked. I was able to get hold of it (via Ruth O'Connell in Thame - thanks, Ruth!) and then found that it was an identical model to ours, and so spent a happy hour tinkering to take the motor out of one and putting it in the other. When I came home last night, the smell of fresh bread was filling the house once more.

How cool is that? Such small blessings often touch me more than the big ones.

Steve Jones