Four ways students can connect with the wider Church at OCC

By Al McNicoll

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One of the things that students most frequently appreciate about OCC is that they feel connected with the wider Church, not just the other students.

As most Oxford Uni students are out of Oxford for about half the year (!) I wanted to flag up a few ways that you can meaningfully stay in touch with your family here.

  1. Keep in contact with your personal pastor. If you have one, remember that they don't just exist between weeks 0 & 8! Your pastor can help you be intentional about pursuing God in your holiday time, pray with you through difficult situations, and encourage you! If you don't have one, here's a great reason to ask one of the student team about it.
  2. Get the weekly OCC bulletin. It's a weekly email, and features a short intro that gives a flavour of what God's up to amongst us, and then some details of what's on in the community. Even if you just browse the headlines, you'll have an idea of what's going on. Don't underestimate the power of common experience. Email me to sign up.
  3. Come visit! Particularly in the longer holidays, come up and spend some unhurried time here. There's nearly always accommodation available with one of the student team. You see a different side to Oxford and OCC out of term, and get to spend time with a wider range of people.
  4. Book in for the Sphere Camp. I can't recommend this highly enough. Many of you will have been to Christian camps before. Supernatural Advance is like them in some significant ways - there's wonderful times of worship together, and inspiring teaching. However, there's also another dynamic at play - we gather as a Church family, and more widely as a family of families. What God is doing in OCC is intrinsically connected to what he's doing in the wider life of Salt & Light in the UK, and in our sphere of Churches, so we often come away with a clear sense of united purpose. Plus there's intentionally loads of time set aside for socialising, eating together and communal fun. See for more info and a booking form!

Got any other top tips? Drop me a line with your ideas, and maybe we'll do a Part 2!

Al McNicoll