Church Getaway

By Andy O'Connell

Cloverley Hall

We're really excited about church Getaway in February 2018! We think it’s the first time ever that OCC has been away for this sort of event. Since OCC was planted in 1984, we have engaged with regular conferences and camps organised by our Salt & Light family of churches, but with a gap in the programme for 2018 we wanted to take the opportunity to getaway with just our church!

These getaway weekends make a huge impact on the life of a church. In part retreat, they offer an opportunity to slow down, step back and freshly engage with God, through prayer, worship and conversation. In part holiday, they offer a weekend away with friends - and a chance to make new friends from across the church family! In part encounter, they often provide life-changing moments of decision, revelation and challenge, that we look back to for many years to come.

Our Getaway weekend will include

  • Time together and space for time alone
  • Stuff for the whole family and for those who are not with family
  • Teaching - 2 sessions for adults (separate kids activities) plus 2 sessions for everyone together
  • Worship - including a campfire worship session
  • Prayer - prayer together and a prayer room, available 24-7
  • Fun and games - a full (optional) programme of organised fun and games
  • Pool - a heated indoor pool is available throughout the weekend
  • Opportunities indoors and outdoors - as well as the organised programme there are lots of things to do outdoors (e.g. exploring the grounds, sports) and indoors (e.g. craft, quiet room)
  • Late night shenanigans - we are sure that the pub quiz, board games or just conversation will keep many of you up late into the night!

For more information, please contact the church office, or book now here: 

Andy O'Connell