God's Invitation: Come up Higher!

A car silhouetted against the stars
This Sunday we're meeting as usual at 10:30am at TKC for a shorter family meeting, looking forward to 2018. Whether or not you can join us, click here to read the third in a series of seasonal blogs!
Andy O'Connell

We're on a mission. From God.

Blues Brothers. On a mission from God.
At Christmas, we celebrate Jesus's epic mission to save Earth. Let's think ahead to how we can participate in that mission this coming Summer!
Al McNicoll

Merry Christmas

Bev Jones - In Him is life - bleach on india ink
Steve Jones invites us to look back and celebrate, before turning our gaze to the new year!
Steve Jones

My name is Andy and I'm a Physicist.

Steam engine with flywheel, and 1950s children's roundabout

My name is Andy and I'm a Physicist. Confession over. Well, I was. In what now seems like a former life, I read Physics at Teddy Hall (Oxford) and then did a DPhil thesis in something that I now struggle to even understand the title of!

One of the prophetic images I've been carrying for the student ministry at OCC, is that of a flywheel. I mentioned this recently, and someone (maybe a humanities student?!) said "What is a flywheel?", so I thought I needed to explain what I saw and what I think God is saying.

Andy O'Connell

A People Prepared

Bride having her hair done
Paul and John both talk of the Church as the Bride of Christ. What does it mean for us, the Church, to be "prepared as a bride, beautifully dressed for her husband"?
Al McNicoll

Church Getaway

Cloverley Hall

We're really excited about church Getaway in February 2018! We think it’s the first time ever that OCC has been away for this sort of event. Since OCC was planted in 1984, we have engaged with regular conferences and camps organised by our Salt & Light family of churches, but with a gap in the programme for 2018 we wanted to take the opportunity to getaway with just our church!

Andy O'Connell

Ready to Pray?

Are we ready to pray?
It is time to seek the Lord! As we head towards our November week of prayer, Al McNicoll asks: how can we be readying ourselves to pray?
Al McNicoll

Four ways to "get ready" together!

Berries ripened together
God is not just after individuals who are maturing; He wants whole communities to be growing and maturing together! How can we respond to this desire of God's? How can we grow *together*?
Al McNicoll